April is International Customer Loyalty Month, the perfect time to be reminded how important it is to garner brand loyalty from your customer base.  Your repeat customers are the foundation of your brand’s success. To keep them coming back, you need to make them feel valued.

Here are 5 of the best ways to show it:

1. Reward them.

Coca-cola’s long-running Coke Rewards program was a hit with hundreds of thousands of fans. While this program is sunsetting, they plan to replace it with a program that makes it even easier for fans to get rewards. Rewards keep people loyal to Coke and keep them coming back.

2. Give them discounts.

Loyalty cards allow you to give special pricing to loyal fans of your brand while also capturing information about their behavior and the best ways to serve them.

3. Send a thank you note.

Your mother wasn’t wrong. Thank you notes, especially the hand-written kind, show appreciation. Make the notes specific and personal for the biggest impact. If sending notes to every client is too much of a task, consider writing 10 each month to that month’s top customers.

4. Spend some time together.

Florida radio station 97X hosts a free concert every year that’s open only to listeners. You need to find their promoters or call the station during the appointed times to get tickets. People listen more and longer waiting for an opportunity to get tickets and form a stronger relationship with the station based on attending the event.

5. Help them learn new things.

Make sure that at least some of your marketing writing is geared toward solving the dilemmas of current and past customers. Write about how they can solve the problems they are most likely to have. Provide new ideas for ways to use your products to improve their lives. Explainer videos, checklists, blog posts and more can help them live better and increase their appreciation for your brand.

When you concentrate on making your current customers feel valued, you increase the length and the value of those relationships. This, in turn, increases the return on every customer acquired, making all your marketing more effective. Want to learn how you can increase the value of your customer relationships?   our experienced team at ALR Marketing Solutions to develop a customer loyalty program for your business.