Gone are the days when brands and companies pushed their products onto customers through traditional media. We are no longer a complacent society, forced fed the typical marketing ploys. With the advent of social media, customers are able to interact and speak to brands through various platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and a myriad of others – to voice their concerns, their appreciation, or their displeasure.

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? For the most part, businesses have embraced the social media frenzy, and there are many examples on how the businesses or brands have leveraged social engagement for their benefit. So, why should brands and businesses care about social media? Here are # reasons to give social media your attention.

  1. It creates transparency.
    One of the biggest buzzwords of the social media movement, transparency is allowing the customers and brands to get a good look at each other, so to speak. You’re not just a business; there is a personality behind the brand, and the person behind the brand is concerned about the customers’ concerns, feelings, reactions, and satisfaction levels. Transparency removes the “man behind the curtain” and creates a level of familiarity with amicable trust.


  1. It creates a brand personality.
    With creating a level of trust with your customers, the brand is also developing a personality. The person responsible for developing the trust with customers has a savvy skill set in assuaging customers concerns and giving attention to those concerns, no matter now negative. Not through placating, but through addressing the problems. The worst action any brand or company can do is not take any action or answer a customer when there is a problem.

  2. It creates opportunities for creativity.
    Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social platforms for establishing trust, but social platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are perfect for those businesses who want to work out their creative skillset, but it’s also beneficial for businesses in creative industries. For example, an architectural firm or interior design client could overwhelmingly attract the right customer base with visual examples of their work. In addition, a business who engages customers with images and infographics are more likely to have their information go viral. Social Media Examiner has great of examples of visually stimulating social content.


  1. It creates authority.
    Who doesn’t like to be the voice of reason and wisdom? Businesses and companies aplenty vie for the coveted position as the authority leader through social media (touching back on transparency) and cultivating the relationship between the brand and the customers (brand personalities). It is crucial, no matter how big or small, you’re listening to customers through social media, which will help you endorse your product or service. Customers will trust your advice and thoughts.


Every business has a different social media strategy, but learning how to leverage social media in favor of your business, product, and services will boost engagement and bolster your authority in your industry.

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