Search Engine Optimization

Most people use the Internet to find businesses and if you're not on the top of the search results, you won't be found! Search Engine Optimization includes both on-site and off-site components. On-site SEO is the foundation for increased search engine rankings. On-site SEO are website changes that allow the web pages to be properly filed and indexed by search engines, such as Google. Once your site is indexed the search engine will have stored the site's content into its database and then it runs algorithms, which establish search rankings, to the site.

On-site SEO includes:
  • Optimizing site for targeted keyword
  • Review of keyword density
  • Modification and creation of Title Meta Tags, Keyword Descriptions,
    and H1, H2, and H3 tags for each site page
  • Applying the proper tagging of text
  • Creation of a XML sitemap
  • Keyword optimization of all image Alt tags and hyperlinks
  • And much more

Off-site SEO elements include building back-links for the site. We build back-links through directory submissions, forums and blog postings, articles distribution, and PR. Our off-site SEO programs work to tell the Search Engines your site is an authority in its industry. On-site and off-site SEO strategies are combined to help raise your organic search engine rankings for relevant keywords and phrases so that more potential clients can find you online.

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Initial Research and Competitive Analysis

Our Atlanta Internet Marketing experts begin the SEO process by completing a thorough research on search volume and the commercial intent of various keywords in order to identify what will generate the most relevant site traffic and sales to your business.

A detailed analysis of the online competitive landscape will allow us to exploit the weaknesses in your competition's strategy and deliver high search rankings as quickly as possible.

Your search rankings will increase over time and your site can advance quickly once we begin optimizing your Website!

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