Atlanta Market Research

Knowing your market is the key component to planning and implementing your company's marketing and business development practices.

Identifying Target Markets

Before beginning your national, regional, or Atlanta marketing campaign it is important you first identify your target markets.
  • Begin by determining why a customer would want to buy your product/service.
  • Comprehensive market intelligence and research gathering is required to identify quantitative and qualitative patterns.
  • Next, segment your overall market.
The process of identifying a target market it called market segmentation. This is important because once you identify a niche using target segmentation you will be able to concentrate your efforts on targeted marketing to attract a specific consumer group.

Gathering Market Intelligence

Our Atlanta market research consultants will study and analyze the market to gain intelligence on your consumers and competitors. Market research is vital to accurately determine whom your target is and what the best marketing strategy would be to reach them. The process of gathering market research includes employing various techniques to collect, analyzes, and report data about potential consumer groups.


After our Atlanta market research team has gathered the necessary market intelligence we can then strategize and plan the best approach to customize your advertising and promotional efforts for the desired result. The campaign planning should include test market groups and test campaigns. This is key for not only the long-term success of the marketing, but in order to be as cost effective as possible. In the test programs our Atlanta marketing agency consultants will be able to identify what efforts will be successful and develop a long-term strategy to best reach each consumer group.

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Atlanta Market Research Solutions include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Market Research
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Channel Strategy

Market Insight Solutions include:

  • Trend Spotting Analysis
  • Consumer Profiling
Atlanta market research