Pay Per Click Adverting

Pay Per Click Advertising Offers Immediate Results!

Pay Per Click Advertising (also known as Search Engine Marketing) is paid advertising that displays on Search Engine results pages. PPC advertising can be extremely targeted and the campaigns are designed to generate immediate relevant traffic to your Website or landing page. Campaigns can be geared for mobile users, specific geographic markets, and during designated times or days of the week.

PPC Ad campaigns target keyword searches. The advertiser is only charged if the user "clicks" on the ad, which directs them to the advertiser's Website. This means, advertisers do not pay for impressions, only "click" through to their Website.

Monitoring, Management and Testing

At ALR Marketing Solutions our Atlanta Internet Marketing professionals use sophisticated software and various tools to measure and continuously manage PPC advertising campaigns with proprietary ratios to insure the best return on investment.

We are constantly reviewing our client's campaigns to identify the best performing search terms, ads, days of the week, times of day, ad positions, and landing pages to recognize trends and immediately adjust focus whenever necessary for delivering exceptional results. Our campaigns strive to maximize conversations, not just generate "clicks" to your Website.

Atlanta pay per click

Campaign Management

At our premier Atlanta Marketing Agency we maintain transparency with campaign programs, results and management pricing. You'll always know how your advertising dollars are being spent.

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